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Is your social media efforts complementing your business or working against it? Through a strong social media presence, it can lead to an increase in brand awareness and potential sales for your business. If your business’ social media is not matching its competitors on social media, you’re missing out! Here are 6 social media post ideas to try today to enhance your presence online.

1. Connect with customers with User Generated Content (UGC)

User Generated content is authentic content shared by customers that display their satisfaction with a service or product. Sharing UGC to your social media may encourage sales through the validation of other’s posts.

Hashtag Campaign

One way to locate and share UGC is through a hashtag campaign. Businesses can capitalize on User Generated Content through the creation of a hashtag for satisfied customers to use. This hashtag campaign connects user generated content altogether. Some successful hashtag campaigns that might sound familiar include #shareacoke #inmycalvins #likeagirl. These are just a few viral hashtag campaigns that generated plenty of UGC for these companies to use. Consider planning a hashtag campaign that applies to your next merchandise drop, or new service offered.

Social media screenshot

2. Highlight the Culture of the Company

Company culture is vital to a consumer’s impression of a company. Sharing company culture can create a personal, human connection between company and customer.
A few ways to share company culture are through posts that display:

  • Company Outings
  • New certifications
  • Employee features
  • Company Milestone
  • Quotes from CEO
  • A ‘day in the life’ of an employee
  • Office/work space views

To demonstrate company culture, think about what makes your company unique. Create a post that shows off your millennial style office space. Or record a video interview with an employee about their favorite aspects of the company. Share a montage of photos from the latest Holiday work party. Sharing the company culture may also contribute to the culture of the employees and upper management, as well.

3. Attract, Announce, and Advertise

Companies may utilize social media to relay information to customers in an informal outlet like a social media post. These announcements may include a product restock, new service launch, or upcoming discounts. Other posts may attract new potential customers through advertisements such as new client offers, giveaways and contests. Social posts may also be a great channel to announce a new blog post, or post the blog link in the platform bio. Social media posts can steer traffic towards the website and encourage more sales.

4. What’s behind the curtain?

Social media posts can be used as, ‘behind the scenes’ content that teaches some industry tips or showcases final results. Consider posting an Instagram reel with a product step by step tutorial. Consumers may have used a product for years and just discovered new uses through the Instagram reel. Behind the scenes of a service may be useful to show the ‘before and after’ photos and the process that goes into the final results. Our very own client, Platinum Sand Construction showcased an excellent before and after project on Instagram. Behind the scenes social content may help to reignite interest in a brand.

Platinum Sand Construction before imagePlatinum Sand Construction after image

5. Insert Meme here…

Businesses keep users entertained from a social account with content that is trendy or entertaining. A study states that 31.1% of users log onto social media for entertaining or funny content, so businesses that integrate humor posts on social media often receive more likes and impressions. Exemplified below is an industry-related joke for digital marketers. For your next Instagram post, try to incorporate an animal post, meme, or industry-related joke.

Kitten SEO meme

6. Show Gratitude Through Outreach Posts

Gratitude goes a long way, and it can be shared through social media. Your business can show gratitude by supporting local businesses, nonprofit organizations or charities. A ‘Thank You’ post dedicated to loyal customers is also a great way to express gratitude and maintain those relationships. Or try starting a weekly post series to shout out local businesses. Here at Lau Marketing, we celebrated National Pet Adoption week and tagged two local nonprofit organizations that we support.

Facebook post screenshot

Social Media to Suit Your Business

These are just a few post types to try out in your social media strategy, but there are many ways to make your social presence stronger for your business. A great way to analyze your social media presence is through performing an audit. If you are ready to take the next step in your social media strategy, please contact us for a consultation.

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