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Track Your Efforts

Analytics is vital for successful digital marketing campaigns. It allows your business to capture data and analyze customer behavior more deeply, leading to smarter decisions that grow your revenue.

Lau Marketing has the experience and knowledge to help you decipher the most important data points for your business. With analytics, you’ll be able to spot trends, weaknesses, and opportunities to strengthen your marketing.

Explore our analytics services to see why accurate and reliable data is essential for your company’s online success.


Measure, Track, Improve

Lau Marketing is skilled at extracting the toughest and most detailed data points in Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, and other analytics programs to make better strategic decisions. By leveraging data in your digital marketing, you’ll be able to gain and keep more customers while improving your ROI.

Accurately measure and track your sales, advertising, and marketing with analytics to receive crucial information that will allow you to improve multiple strategies.


Understand Your Customers

Not only can we set up and maintain your analytics, but we’re also fluent in setting up tags within your website to track customer behavior. Gain clarity about your customers by seeing what actions they take on your website.

With the use of Google Tag Manager, our team can implement solutions that will track key metrics such as video views, form submissions, or downloads to measure your marketing campaigns.


Digital Marketing Analytics Services

Supercharge your digital marketing with data! Have your analytics and tags set up properly so you don’t make decisions on faulty information. Our team can set up and configure analytics for your content, SEO, social media, email marketing, and more to ensure your data is valid. Lau Marketing offers various analytics services to empower your business:

  • Website analytics & tracking
  • Ad tracking & measurement
  • Funnel analysis
  • Channel analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Google Analytics training
  • Google Tag Manager training

Advanced digital marketing analytics can do wonders for your business — but it’s also pretty technical. Our founder and owner, Chris Lau, has years of analytics consulting and training experience. He’s happy to guide you through the complexities of analytics to match you to a solution that yields the key data your business needs to thrive online.


Experience The Power of Data

Data is more important than ever since new technologies and trends are always emerging and disrupting industries. Without analytics, your digital marketing is flying blind. Give your sales and marketing a boost by powering it with analytics and tag management services. Our team works with clients from a variety of backgrounds, giving each business the attention that it deserves to ensure its data is accurate and reliable.

Schedule a consultation with Lau Marketing today to discover what PPC advertising can do for your business.