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Most business owners have seen or have a general understanding of Google’s search text ads and display ads. What most business owners don’t know is Gmail ads. In the past year, Gmail ads have become a more prominent form of advertising for business owners who have a smaller advertising budget. In this post, we break down what Gmail ads are and how it can really be a good channel for your business.

What Are Gmail Ads?

Gmail ads are advertisements that show up in your inbox usually at the top of your inbox. These ads are uniquely labeled as an ad and will generally have an offer or promotion to entice you to click on it. When the user clicks on the ad, it expands into a larger formatted ad where you can really sell your offer or business.

Why Should I Do Gmail Ads?

On average, consumers spend about 2.5 hours in their personal email inbox throughout the day. Given that amount of time, that is a lot of eye balls you can get in front of. This not only helps with brand awareness but hopefully create leads and conversions to your business. Setting up these ads are fairly simple and can be targeted correctly by working with a digital marketing expert.

What Are The Benefits of Gmail Ads?

First, Gmail ads are usually pretty easy to set up and can have it up and running in a matter of hours. Gmail ads also offer many targeting options to help with identifying the correct audiences.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the cost-per-click on Gmail ads are generally lower than a standard text or display ad. Gmail ads can be as low as $0.10 per click vs. search or display ads where ads can cost dollars per click. With lower cost-per-click, there is potential for bigger returns on your advertising dollars.

Are Gmail Ads Right For My Business?

The question should really be: should Gmail ads be part of my digital strategy? The answer is yes. With easy set up and potentially low costs for the channel, this should absolutely be in the mix with the rest of your digital strategy. The reach can be very beneficial to owners who are looking to test out audiences and reach while working on a smaller budget.

If you are interested in learn more about Gmail ads and how it can help your business, please give us a call at 407.516.1478 or contact us online.