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You’ve probably heard of or used display ads for your digital campaigns. With Google’s new targeting features, you can now hyper-target those display ads with greater relevancy to your audience which hopefully leads to more conversions for your website. So what’s new about display ads?

Radius Targeting

Within Google Ads, advertisers are able to select a certain radius of a selected location to which you want consumers to see your display ads. This offers advertisers the ability to tailor their messages in the ads to those specific people within the radius. This is powerful considering how customization of ads can potential lead to increase of conversion.

Additional Remarketing Lists

Google now offers additional remarketing capabilities which makes remarketing display ads more effectively. By setting up specific remarketing lists such as pages visited, time spent on site, or people who have converted in the past, it allows the marketer to really segment the audience. This really makes the messaging more unique and cater to the audience that fits your objectives.

Custom Intent for Display Ads

This is perhaps the most recent and intriguing development from Google Ads. With custom intent for display ads available, advertisers are able to target audiences that have actively searching or planning an activity related to your business. In our opinion, this is a game changer for business owners and advertisers. Knowing intent of shoppers, this will help business owners get in front of audiences that are more active and targeted. This will offer the ability to reach audiences that were not readily available in the past.

Display ads are essential to any successful digital marketing plan. The capabilities that are available now have never been greater and the precision of ads being shown to the right markets continue to grow. If you are not currently doing display ads or are interested in learning more, please give us a call at 407.516.1478 or contact us online!