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How The Cabinet Face More Than Doubled Site Performance with Strategic Digital Marketing

Quality products and dedicated service are crucial for a successful business, but you won’t be able to grow past a certain point if your digital marketing isn’t generating the traffic and leads that you want. That’s what two woodworkers from Denver learned as they tried to scale their company and bring their vision of beautiful yet accessible cabinets to more people. Check out their story below!

The Cabinet Face

About The Cabinet Face

The Cabinet Face was founded in 2015 by two woodworkers in Denver, Colorado after discovering you could buy just cabinet boxes and hardware from IKEA and add your own fronts. They decided to use their woodworking expertise to craft high-quality custom fronts for IKEA systems to make it easier and more affordable to achieve your dream cabinets.

Fast forward to today, The Cabinet Face continues to grow and increase efficiency in their manufacturing system, allowing them to retain quality while putting out 500+ projects a year.

The Cabinet Face Kitchen
Laptop with Cabinet Face Website

PROBLEM: Struggling For More Leads & Traffic

Although the Cabinet Face had a decent flow of website traffic, they weren’t getting the number of leads they were hoping for. They wanted to improve their website to ensure their current users converted better and drive even more website traffic.

SOLUTION: A Comprehensive Strategy

Lau Marketing started working with The Cabinet Face in May 2019 and first focused on taking care of their current traffic flow by implementing strong technical SEO and user experience (UX) updates. We also developed new content to improve organic authority in the industry and build brand trust.

Eventually, our team created a new website in March 2020 using data from the previous year to understand how users convert. Along with the website, a new Facebook Ads campaign was created to target their main product lines, Sektion, Godmorgon, and PAX.

RESULTS: Website Performance Doubles

Our comprehensive strategy of SEO, content, and Facebook Ads came together to deliver significant website results over the course of 2020. Here are four of the most notable improvements from our efforts:



In October 2019, the website ranked for 850 organic keywords whereas, in December 2020, the website ranked for 2,379 organic keywords. This was the result of implementing a strong SEO foundation and developing new content that captured their brand’s vision.


The website’s daily average users (DAU) from Jan 2018 – April 2019 was 65 users/day. When Lau Marketing joined the company in May 2019, the website averaged roughly 142 users/day from May 2019 – December 2020.


Lau Marketing helped The Cabinet Face launch a new website in March 2020 to improve organic rankings and increase time spent on site. The new website, along with the previous SEO tactics, resulted in user growth of 112% compared to the previous year.


All of our SEO efforts and the new website resulted in 726 new leads in 2020, keeping their sales team busy and contributing to the year’s overall success.


Organic Presence Growth


Growth in DAU


New User Growth


New Leads Generated

Facing a Bright Future

The Cabinet Face is the perfect example of what a comprehensive strategy can achieve when paired with a company that’s passionate about quality products and service. By leveraging data, implementing technical SEO, and launching a new website, they saw amazing results with their traffic and leads in 2020. Our team looks forward to supporting The Cabinet Face’s vision with digital marketing expertise and reliable communication.

Schedule a call with Lau Marketing today to discover the power of data-driven marketing that’ll elevate your business online!

Chris and his team have been such a pleasure to work with. Our marketing and SEO goals have been hit and surpassed quarter after quarter thanks to Chris. His approach to a world I know very little about has made this process easy and dare I say fun? Yes, yes I shall.

- Kyle Kwiatkowski, The Cabinet Face