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Platinum Sand Construction’s Digital Marketing Solution is Built for Growth

Building a home remodeling company from the ground up takes a lot of hard work, especially when you’re in a competitive market. You can’t rely solely on word-of-mouth to bring qualified leads — that’s where a digital marketing solution enters the scene. See how Lau Marketing helped a South Florida renovation company construct a growth strategy through a new website, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO).

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About Platinum Sand Construction

Platinum Sand Construction was founded in 2017 by two Ohio transplants and brothers, Scott and Nathan. When Scott moved to South Florida over ten years ago and was working in real estate, he was always hunting for a good contractor. That’s when Scott got the idea to join forces with his handy older brother, Nathan, to start a home renovation business.

They quickly saw a need in the market for full-service home remodeling since most other companies typically offer a specialized service. Today, Platinum Sand Construction is a premier full-service remodeling company. They have a showroom in Boynton Beach, Florida and are in the process of opening a new showroom in Ft. Lauderdale.

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PROBLEM: A Competitive Market

Platinum Sand Construction was looking to grow their client base since the demand for home remodeling services continued to increase. However, South Florida’s competitive market required a new marketing strategy. That’s when the company turned to Lau Marketing to increase its online presence and drive new leads.

SOLUTION: Create Brand Awareness

We joined Platinum Sand Construction in October 2019 and quickly created a new website that launched in November 2019. This new site included updated content development to drive organic traffic. Our team also implemented new paid media strategies to drive traffic to the website fast.

A paid media campaign was launched with Google Ads and Facebook Ads across South Florida, with a focus on bath, kitchen, and full home remodeling. The idea was to create brand awareness for Platinum Sand Construction as well as steadily build a remarketing list to retarget users and bring them back to the website to convert through phone calls.

RESULTS: More Traffic and Leads

Our multi-faceted digital marketing solution dramatically increased website traffic and leads, which include phone calls and contact form submissions. Check out the most significant highlights from October 2019 to December 2020:



Before we joined, the website averaged 3.5 users/day. Our efforts led to an increase of roughly 83 users/day. That’s a growth of 2,271% in DAU!


Platinum Sand Construction received 1,193 total phone calls and had a 2.2% conversion rate, resulting in many jobs and keeping them busy.


In October 2019, the website ranked for 68 keywords in organic search results. In December 2020, the website ranked for 320 organic keywords — a growth of 370% in organic presence!


Growth in DAU


Conversion Rate


Organic Rankings Growth

Google Ads

  • 11,496 Users
  • 589 Leads
  • 3.3% Conversation Rate
  • $46.78 Per Lead

Facebook Ads

  • 20,049 Users
  • 352 Leads
  • 1.27% Conversation Rate
  • $55.31 Per Lead

A Strong Foundation for Growth

Platinum Sand Construction experienced incredible growth in website traffic and leads throughout 2020 thanks to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. By launching a new website, running paid media campaigns, and optimizing content, the company had so much work coming in that they had to hire new team members! We’re excited to see what the future brings for them and supporting their growth with responsive and attentive digital marketing.

Schedule a call with Lau Marketing today to discover the power of data-driven marketing that’ll elevate your business online!

Chris with Lau Marketing has been such an asset for our company. We have used a few other companies with no success. Chris expertise in marketing has drove more traffic to our site over the past few months than any other company has in the past year! We definitely recommend using Lau Marketing for your marketing needs!

- Scott N., Managing Partner, Platinum Sand Construction